About me

I’m Laura Noto, an Italian Professional Translator with M.A. in Language Sciences – Linguistics (Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice) and a post-master’s course in Technical Translation (SSIT, Pescara).

Dealing with foreign languages has always been part of my life. I have therefore decided to help companies and individuals get THE translation they are looking for. How? You could might think that everybody knows some English or… everybody can use Google Translate… but are these people able to catch that specific intentional (or unintentional) meaning, expression, idiom, wordplay etc?

Knowing two languages won’t make anyone able to translate correctly one precise concept into another language. 

Translation is a serious matter. Bad translations can lead to unpleasant consequences and embarrassing misunderstandings.

I am here available to help you getting the Translation you are looking for!

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